A Multidisciplinary Observatory of Environmental Health and Diseases and Dynamics Unit for Environmental Health founded in June 2022.


The Kosma Observatory is at the forefront of innovation in health and environmental diseases and its mission, vision and values ​​put people at the center of its care and research activity.

Kosma Observatory is composed by different verticals

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Our Story

the global environmental situation & the environmental health problems

On September 25, 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda, setting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Among them, emphasis is placed on the consequences of climate change, among others, on human health.

The WHO estimates that 24% of the global burden of disease and 23% of mortality are attributable to environmental factors.

Society, health professionals and many actors from different sectors are increasingly aware of the impact of our environment on health and there are numerous initiatives that focus on finding answers and solutions to this challenge.

The Kosma International Environmental Health and Diseases Observatory and the Dynamic Environmental Health Units are the missing innovative response.

Our action areas

Generate Knowledge

Foster collaborations & interactions

Promote innovative actions

The Dynamic Units of Environmental Health & Diseases

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