mission, Values & Goals

our principal mission is

Focus attention on the impact of the environment on human health

The Observatory will be the meeting and intersection point among different players and sectors, which play a role on global and planetary health, its main functions, will be, among others:

Kosma has the mission to transform the practice of medicine and promote the translation and application of scientific knowledge regarding environmental risks and their impact on the health of vulnerable people and the community, through excellent healthcare, and want place the health sector at the forefront of addressing the environmental causes of disease and decision-making processes regarding the management of environmental risks, contributing to an efficient use of investment and health resources.

Our Goals

The Observatory will be a point of international convergence between stakeholders from several sectors for this reason, it is essential to harmonize the language and conclusions of the different teams and institutions that are developing innovative lines in the various participating sectors. This will allow us to work together to improve, accelerate and globalize the results. The actors in these areas can be found in public and private health institutions, research centers, IT and innovation areas, educational centers, community management and in the productive sector (primary, secondary and tertiary), legal and governmental.

The direct impact of the work carried out by the different lines developed through this multidisciplinary structure will have a beneficial effect on individual and global health. The solutions generated by the different participating links may be adapted to health protocols and policies that have a direct impact on the health of patients and society through the creation and implementation of Dynamic Environmental Health Units in hospitals and basic health areas.

To achieve these goals The Observatory has 4 areas to generate impact:


Generate Knowledge


Foster Collaborations and interactions


promote innovative actions

We do it with Environmental Health Programs. The're born form the intersection of these functions.


the dynamic units of environmental health

Closely related to the Observatory, the Environmental Health Programs represent an absolutely innovative and necessary approach. The structure and operation of these Units are being designed by Dr. Paula Sol Ventura. The authorship of the design of these programs enjoy an exclusive patent. It is the function of the Observatory to advise any health institution that wants to incorporate them, customizing them to the particular needs and conditions of each of them.


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